The right bike for you

Your bike should fit you like a glove, so when you buy a bike from Podium 4 Sport, our technicians will set it up so that precisely matches your physique.  More than that, we’ll also make sure it matches your sports/leisure usage, your lifestyle and your budget. Whatever your biking aspirations, Podium 4 Sport has a style of bike that’s right for you, and your family.


You see, at Podium 4 Sport you’ll not only find top brands, Merida, Trek and Scott Merida.  You’ll also find a bike team made up of dedicated cyclists.  So they won’t give you vague opinions.  Instead, they’ll offer sound advice, based on real experience, and will help you to make the right purchase.


If you would like to find out more about the services and brands that we offer, click here.


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