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NXG Barbell Warranty

Barbell Warranty conditions.

All NXG Fitness products are warranted to be free from defect in materials and workmanship by our standard 12 month warranty. This warranty extends to the original end-user and commences on the date of delivery.

Proper Usage Advice

Weightlifting bars should not be loaded to levels exceeding the recommended max load capacity stated for each individual product.

Weights bars should never be left stored on a rack while loaded with weights.

Olympic weightlifting bars must only ever be used with correct specification plates which use rubber or polyurethane in their construction, commonly referred to as “Bumper plates”. Metal plates, hexagonal discs or discs with grips/handles are not appropriate for movements where the barbell may be dropped from any height.

Movements which require weightlifting bars to be dropped may only be executed on a weightlifting platform comprising a rubber drop zone with a minimum depth of 40mm.

Bars should not be dropped on to unprotected floors, boxes, benches, spotter arms or similar attachments which may cause damage to the bar.

Weights plates must always be secured on the bar sleeves using proprietary locking collars.

Barbell inspection and maintenance routine

All Barbells should be subject to a periodic inspection and maintenance routine. The frequency of which will be determined by site risk assessment procedures.

Some points to consider in deciding inspection and maintenance frequency:

  • Frequency of use and user profile.
  • Club operating hours.
  • Club climate, temperature and humidity.

The above list is not exhaustive.

We advise that all users receive instruction on barbell pre-use inspection and safe barbell use during site induction training.


Inspection points as follows:

  • Sleeves are firmly secured, maximum lateral movement < 2mm.
  • Sleeves must freely rotate freely without snag points. Black/brown dust appearing at the ends of the sleeves may indicate excess wear and lack of lubrication.
  • Permanent bend in the bar (Bent bars should be taken out of use and the cause investigated).
  • Mechanical damage giving rise to sharp edges which may cause injury.
  • Rusting.


Maintenance points as follows:

  • Remove chalk from the bar using a stiff nylon brush.
  •  Lubricate sleeve bearings using “3 in 1” Oil or a proprietary lubricant aerosol incorporating PTFE. Do not use “WD40” or similar in this area.
  •  Lightly spray some WD40 or similar product on a soft rag and wipe down the surface of the bar to prevent corrosion.


Barbell Storage

Barbells must never be stored with weights plates attached.

Bars must be stored on a proprietary rack or stand. Horizontal storage is preferable however when using vertical storage it is advisable to rotate the end of the bar in the rack to maintain lubricant distribution within the bar sleeves.

Contact points on the storage rack should be designed as such to prevent mechanical damage to the barbell during storage.


Claims Procedure

If the product was purchased directly from NXG Fitness you will need to either telephone our Customer Services Department on 02890 701333 or email by clicking here, quoting the order number of the product which is subject to claim and provide full details of how and when the product(s) has been used, the fault or damage identified.

If you have purchased your product through an approved distributor, contact your distributor who will deal with your enquiry on your behalf.

Depending on the nature of the claim we may request photographic evidence of for the item to be returned. If the product need to be returned we will arrange a mutually convenient time.

Our quality control department will report their findings and advise whether the claim is accepted or rejected. If accepted, we will advise whether the product will be repaired or replaced, or if a credit or refund will be made.

If the product is replaced the warranty period will continue from the original purchase date rather than the date of the replacement being issued.



Warranty claims may not be considered in the event of any of the following.

  • Failure to take note of and/or carry out the aforementioned advice.
  • The product is further damaged after the claim has been made.
  • Anything deemed to be normal wear and tear.
  • The defect has arisen as a result of wilful or negligent damage or misuse.
  • Defects caused by use on inappropriate flooring solutions
  • Any issues with superficial badges or end caps

Please contact to our Customer Services Team for further information.

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