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Yoga & Pilates

Yoga & Pilates

Our Yoga Equipment has been selected to help uniting the mind, body and spirit with the belief that, if practised in the right environment, the body can find harmony and heal itself. Podium 4 Sport can help you create this environment with yoga mats, yoga bars and yoga mat bags.

You could buy individual yoga equipment or you could buy a yoga kit from Fitness Mad which gives you the yoga basics as well as a yoga belt, yoga bricks and a yoga DVD filled with yoga poses for beginners and advanced yoga practioners.

As well as stocking yoga equipment from Fitness Mad, Podium 4 Sport also stock Pilates equipment from Fitness Mad such as Pilates head blocks and Pilates sitting blocks.

Fitness Mad also produce a Pilates kit which includes a resistance band and exercise poster. Yoga and Pilates classes are offered at most gyms so we stock, not only yoga equipment and Pilates equipment for home use but also a commercial Yoga class pack and a Pilates class pack to ensure gyms and leisure centres have all the fitness equipment they need to provide guests with a full Yoga or Pilates workout.

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