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Crazy Catch Freestyle

Crazy Catch Freestyle

£51.54 incl. VAT
£42.95 excl. VAT


The Crazy Catch Freestyle is small and compact and a lot of fun. This unique hand held rebound net offers a variety of training and game options. The Freestyle net has INSANE unpredictable ball return.

And you can use the Freestyle indoors or outdoors. Plus its convenient size makes it ideal to carry along to any training session…or recreation time as a bit of fun and games. Take the Crazy Catch Freestyle along to the park or the beach. The Crazy Catch Freestyle is perfect for the serious or developing sports person. But this Freestyle rebounder can just be about enjoyment.

NB- You may want to use protective eye wear when using the Crazy Catch Freestyle with smaller, harder balls.

Includes: Carry bag and Bolt on handles

Insane side:   Provides an unpredictable ball return. Fun for everyone and highly challenging no matter what your skill level. There are a wide range of activities that extend all areas of visual performance for the elite athletes simulating the unpredictability of match day.

Size: 520mm x 520mm

Key Benefits:

  • Two sided handheld rebound net for INSANE reactions
  • Portable so you can carry to any training session
  • Lightweight and perfect for 1 on 1 or group training activities
  • Durable with super strong patented net technology …Highly strung!!
  • Perfect for reaction training and skill development in ALL Sports
  • Great fun for players of all ages and abilities

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