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Harrod Hinged Rugby Post Assembly Roller

Harrod Hinged Rugby Post Assembly Roller

£284.34 incl. VAT
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Podium 4 Sport are proud to distribute a full range of Harrod UK sports equipment since 1979. Harrod UK are suppliers of posts to the Rugby World Cup and UK and Ireland stadiums.

The Harrod Hinged Post Assembly Roller is a brilliant device for grounds men; it allows users to safely erect and dismantle a set of hinged posts in a controlled manner.

Hinged Post Assembly Rollers are designed to be mounted onto an appropriate tractor roll bar using two heavy duty ‘U’ bolt brackets. The upright rolls along the device allow easy installation and dismantling in a controlled manner before being lifted off by a suitable number of people.

The Hinged Post Assembly Roller is manufactured from zinc plated steel and fitted with a rubber roller, a quick release webbed safety strap and two ‘U’ bolt brackets.

Each Hinged Post Assembly Roller is designed for use with hinged uprights only. Never allow the tractor’s speed to exceed walking pace; we recommend that the tractor moves no faster than 3mph.

5kg each

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<p>Harrod UK offer a one year fair wear and tear manufacturer's warrarnty on all items supplied. All complaints are subject to assessment fault. Regular inspections and maintenance as per the instructions should be carried out and recorded to comply with warranty conditions.</p>


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