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Indigo Fitness Infinity Rig Starter Cell

Indigo Fitness Infinity Rig Starter Cell


Indigo Fitness Infinity Rig – Starter Cell is a modular construction using connectable ‘cells’, giving you the option of having as few or as many cells as you wish and therefore creating any sized rig you desire.

1. It all begins with a starter cell

  • A single cell with 4 upright posts and 4 connecting top sections. Perfectly usable as a small standalone rig in it’s own right, or the starting point for something bigger…

2. Grow your rig with additional cells

    • Choose from either short or long cells to extend your rig. Each cell is made up of 2 legs plus the relevant connecting top sections:
    • Short cells are 1.05m wide (between the uprights) – perfect for lifting stations
    • Long cells are 1.80m wide (between the uprights) – too wide to be a lifting station, but ideal for double pull up

bars, wings, wall ball stations or suspension trainers

3. Customise your rig with add-ons

  • Choose from a wide range of add-ons to truly tailor your rig to meet your exact needs.


  • Length: 1210mm
  • Width: 1740mm
  • Height: 2700mm

Additional information

Weight 1 kg


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