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Indigo Fitness Multi Hub – Dual

Indigo Fitness Multi Hub – Dual


Indigo Fitness Multi Hub – Dual has many of the same great features as our Halo Performance power racks.


  • A fully welded construction, the main frame sections are 120 x 60mm 8mm (3.6mm) gauge steel
  • Custom crafted adjustable bar hooks with 2 point locking system for added safety
  • Nickel plated laser cut slot post allows bar hooks to be located every 120mm
  • Bar hooks are strong, resilient and shatterproof. A 50mm HDPE centre-piece (protects bars with no metal to metal contact) is sandwiched between two 6mm steel, laser cut and nickel plated brackets (they will not chip or rust) to produce quite simply the best adjustable bar hook around.
  • Available in any colour combination you choose

Comes with the following fitted as standard:

A single cell with 4 upright posts and 4 connecting top sections. Perfectly usable as a small standalone rig in it’s own right, or the starting point for something bigger…

  • 1 squat / bench station with adjustable bar hooks
  • 2 wall bar ladders with pull-up bars
  • Inclined monkey bars
  • Band / rope anchor points
  • Adjustable height inverted row bar
  • 2 corner posts with storage shelves
  • Rotating and siding pull up handles
  • 2 core trainers


  • Length: 5050mm
  • Width: 2010mm
  • Height: 2820mm

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