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Indigo Fitness Multipress 4 in 1 Bench

Indigo Fitness Multipress 4 in 1 Bench


Indigo Fitness Multipress 4 in 1 Bench


  • 4 in 1 bench Flat,Incline,Decline & Shoulder press
  • Front and rear seat pads adjust independently and register into a specially designed profile that will not disengage
  • Bench assembly adjusts backward and forwards gliding effortlessly between press positions
  • 4 Additional weight storage pegs
  • Spotting platforms allow close-in over the barbell assistance
  • Angled uprights and bar rests minimize bar rebound making racking easier
  • 4 position Bar rests to accommodate majority of arm lengths located on outside of frame to prevent damage from cast iron discs
  • 250mm wide bench allows free shoulder movement
  • Lowered bench height properly positions the legs with knees above the hips to reduce the risk of lower back hyperextension and strain while increasing stability and balance
  • Rubber feet with floor fix option
  • Length: 1720mm
  • Width: 1750mm
  • Height: 1830mm
  • Weight: 160kg

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