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Indigo Fitness Premium Series Squat Stands (Pair)

Indigo Fitness Premium Series Squat Stands (Pair)


Indigo Fitness Premium Series Squat Stands (Pair) is the best squat stands you can buy – built from heavy duty 120mm x 60mm box for unwavering stability, these stands are an ideal substitute for a power rack if space is limited.


  • Nickel Plated
  • Custom crafted adjustable bar hooks with 2 point locking system for added safety
  • Bar hooks are strong, resilient and shatterproof. A 50mm HDPEcentre-piece (protects bars with no metal to metal contact) is sandwiched between two 6mm steel, laser cut and nickel plated brackets (they will not chip or rust) to produce quite simply the best adjustable bar hook around.
  • Safety spot arms included – adjustable into 7 positions
  • Squat stands feature lip at front edge to prevent bar roll off
  • HDPE inserts on the safety spot arms prevent bar damage
  • Fully portable – 2 nylon wheels and grab on each stand


  • Length: 1030mm
  • Width: 840mm
  • Height: 1940mm

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