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Jordan Jungle Gym XT

Jordan Jungle Gym XT

£131.94 incl. VAT
£109.95 excl. VAT


The Jungle Gym XT contains:
– Two Industrial suspension straps (8 feet each);
– Two Integrated easy-wipe handles and Easy-In Foot Cradles;
– Two comfortable inline adjustment buckles;
– Two Non-scuff door anchors;
– Two Strap end adjustors;
– One Duro-Link;
– One Instructional 90 minute DVD with brochure;
– One Large, full color workout wall chart.

The Jungle Gym XT features a ‘split design’, which allows users to quickly and easily adjust the forces on the body by changing the width of the system.

The Jungle Gym XT offers “V-shaped” suspension (found on traditional suspension trainers), neutral suspension (found in Olympic rings) and now wide-angle suspension, offering versatility unlike anything the category has seen before.

The Easy-In Foot Cradles allow for handles and ease for getting in and out. If you need to reach higher anchor points, add 8 feet to each side of your Jungle Gym XT to reach up to 16 feet with our Jungle Gym XT Strap Xtenders!

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