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Rephouse Neoflex 500 Series Rubber Flooring

Rephouse Neoflex 500 Series Rubber Flooring

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Rephouse Neoflex™ 500 Series Rubber Flooring is a prefabricated rubber flooring made of recycled and synthetic rubbers. Neoflex™ 500 Series is soft yet durable. It is composed of 80% SBR Rubber and 20% Mixed Colored EPDM Rubber, making it an appealing yet very cost effective flooring solution.

It is ideally suited for fitness gyms, changing rooms, waiting rooms, walkways, exhibitions or temporary facilities.

Stocked in 6mm Black with Grey specks but available upon request in a vast variety of colors.

Characteristic Test Method 500 Series
Thickness 6mm
Size 1m x 1m
Density 1,000 kg/m³
Resilience DIN 18032-2 49%
Tensile Strength DIN 18032-2 1.39 N/mm²
Tear Strength ASTM  D 624 9.7 N/mm
Taber Abrasion ASTM C 504 0.53 gm
Shore Hardness ASTM D 2240 60
Remaining Indentation DIN 53960 0.07mm
Noise Absorption EN 21040 / ISO 140 18 dB (10mm)
Stainability ASTM D 543-95
  Alcohol no change
  Ammonia no change
Coefficient of Friction ASTM D 2047-97 Dry: 1/10 Wet: 1.03
Slip Resistance AS/NZS 4586:2004 48 Mean BPM, Class W
Thermal Stability ASTM C 1026 – 40°c to 100°c
Flammability EN 13501 Efl
Smoke EN 13501 Not rated
Total VOC ASTM D 5116 < 0.3mg/m²/hr


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