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Rephouse Neoflex High Impact Tiles

Rephouse Neoflex High Impact Tiles

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Rephouse Neoflex™ High Impact Tiles are thick robust, resilient rubber tiles are installed in free weight areas and designed to attenuate the impact of heavy free weights that thinner surfaces cannot achieve.

Neoflex™ High Impact Rubber Tiles provide superior sound and vibration insulation ensuring that areas below, around and above the gym remain quiet.

Stocked in 30mm Black with Grey specks.

Supplied in 2 tiles (1m x 50cm)

Characteristic Test Method High Impact Series
Application Free weight areas for indoor gyms and fitness areas
Benefit Excellent impact attenuation with very good sound and vibration insulation
Thickness 30mm
Traction BS 7044 Good
Slip Resistance BS 7044 Pass
Fatigue Resistance BS 7044 No cracking or fracture
Spike Resistance BS 7044 Pass
Residual Indentation BS 7044 0.64mm – Pass
Color Transfer BS 1006 A03 Pass
Flammability EN 13501-1 Class Efl to Class BFL-s1


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