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Sports Netting Trackway

Sports Netting Trackway



Without doubt the best quality sports hall netting trackway system available
Trackway is manufactured from heavy gauge aluminium alloy extruded trackway the design allows for joining with an internal tube which facilitates smooth running and enables easy installation to a wide range of sports hall roof structures, the netting trackway trolleys are moulded from hard nylon and fitted with self-lubricating bronze bearings. Static netting trackway crossover units and trackway curves can be incorporated to enable maximum flexibility in sports hall layouts dividing halls as needed.

Our quality indoor sports nets are available in the following types, indoor cricket nets, athletics and throws nets, tennis, golf nets, archery mesh and division nets dividing sports halls.

Sightscreens can be incorporated in division nets to form a visual division between different sports and can be supported by lanyard cords which prevents the netting from stretching. Nets are stored in a flame retardant nylon reinforced PVC bag or pouches to avoid interference with other sporting activities, these can be winchable to raise them above doors or apertures of any kind.

All sports netting can be provided with a flame retardant finish in accordance with BS 5872, Part 2, 1980

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