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Boxing Equipment

Boxing Equipment

From boxing bags to boxing gloves, boxing headgear to boxing rings, Podium 4 Sport is the one-stop-shop for all your boxing equipment needs from boxing specialists such as Lonsdale and Jordan. Not only can you buy a boxing ring from Podium 4 Sport, but we also sell ring accessories such as boxing ring corner pads.
We stock a large range of hanging punch bags and standing punch bags, strike bags, jab pads and free standing spar partners as well as supplying the hooks and brackets to secure your boxing equipment in place.
Podium 4 Sport also stock standing speedballs and hanging speed balls from Fitness Mad and Lonsdale. Podium 4 Sport not only have boxing equipment covered but we also sell boxing gear too such as Lonsdale boxing gloves, boxing headguards, hand wraps, boxing boots and sparring gloves.

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