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Strength & Conditioning

Strength & Conditioning

Podium 4 Sport sell a wide range of strength and conditioning equipment designed for athletes who need optimal performance from their training equipment. Podium 4 Sport carries cutting edge suspension training equipment for unique ‘weightless’ workouts and Prowler weighted sleds, which add variety and a unique challenge to any strength and conditioning workout.

Essential training equipment like hurdles, cones and ladder a staple of football, rugby and hockey training sessions, help develop agility and balance in addition to strength and conditioning benefits.  Be creative with a simply piece of Strength & Conditioning equipment for a full body workout or choose from our range of exercise specific equipment which isolates the abs, arms, legs or shoulders. Equipment accessories in this section includes Power Sleds, Suspension Kits and Speed Ladders.

Brands in this section include Jordan, Impulse, Precision Training and Fitness Mad.

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