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Mitre Ultimatch One Football

Mitre Ultimatch One Football

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  • Mitre’s base-level match ball.
  • Develop with a unique 20-panel configuration for superior in-play consistency and superb ball flight.
  • Constructed to deliver enhanced grip and control with ‘Mitre’ textured surface on the outer.
  • 4.0 mm hyperfoam backing ensures fantastic control to inspire player confidence on the ball, without compromising power transfer from boot to ball.
  • Enhanced durability and improved feel delivered through a 0.6mm PU outer – a season-long performer.
  • Engineered with revolutionary Hyperseam technology for almost zero water uptake, helping the ball last in any weather – a great choice for grassroot clubs.
  • Ball is available in size 5, 4 and 3. Suitable for a grass or astroturf surface.
  • Ball requires inflation, so ensure you have a pump to hand.
  • Built for control and accuracy.

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