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Podium 4 Sport has embarked on an exciting new equipment project with the manufacture of their own sport and fitness brand, NXG. In June 2014, Podium 4 Sport introduced a full range of NXG products which line up with the company’s already extensive range of sports and fitness equipment.
Calling on over 30 years experience in the sports and fitness equipment industry, the Podium 4 Sport vision for NXG is to create a leading sport and fitness brand known for supplying high quality, well-designed equipment for retail and commercial customers with a pricing structure second to none.
The NXG range features: dumbells, barbells, kettlebells, weight plates, olympic bars, yoga mats, studio barbell sets and more
Key Benefits

For home gyms: NXG will fit perfectly into a home gym setup and can adapt to your own personal style of training.
For commercial gyms: With the rugged build quality of NXG, all items can withstand regular use and still maintain a high level finish.
High quality, expertly produced items: All NXG produced have benefitted from our 30 years expertise in the leisure and fitness industry and have been researched to be manufactured to the highest possible standard.
Rapid order fulfilment: With NXG being a wholly owned brand of Podium 4 Sport, it allows us to keep higher stock levels, meaning you get your order faster.

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